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Solutions for non-profits

For more than 30 years,
Viking has been providing
high-quality products and services
to non-profit organizations.



Your non-profit organization is looking for help. Perhaps you need to increase your fundraising. Or perhaps you're looking for new software.

Or perhaps you're just looking for guidance.

Relax.  You've come to the right place.

We've been providing software and services to major non-profits in the US, Canada and elsewhere around the world for 32 years.

Software. Service. Strategy.

Today, software produced by Viking is in use around the world. Our customers are successfully running campaigns that are raising billions of dollars. Others are planning future campaigns with help from Viking. Children are being adopted around the world through the use of Viking software.  And thousands and thousands of children are being supported by generous donors who pay monthly sponsorship fees to sponsor children in countries all over the world -- all with the help of software produced by Viking.


Viking Web supports the planning and management of fundraising campaigns large and small. Viking Call adds powerful calling facilities to Viking Web and can also stand on its own. Our social service product line offers complete support for child adoption and child sponsorship.


When you license our software, we work with you to build a solid plan to install and get the most from your software.  Our services include product installation, data conversion, training, system customization, project management and on-going support.

Strategic Consulting.

Our consulting services help our customers plan campaigns, learn how to better manage existing campaigns, and get more from their staff and their software.  We can also review your existing operations for you.


The history of our logo. 
When the Viking story began in 1985, we searched for a suitable logo. Many businesses that use the Viking name use a Viking ship for their logo but we wanted something a bit different -- something that would express our goals for our company. After a great deal of research, we learned that the Vikings were the leaders of technology in their day. Their technology was seafaring and they would take their ships far and wide in search of fortune and adventure. 

Because they were willing to push their technology envelope, they would sometimes find that they had lost their way. In those days, losing their way in the middle of the ocean could be catastrophic. Their solution was to carry great birds with them. When they found themselves lost, they would release a falcon or an eagle and watch the bird.

The bird would fly and then circle and then head off in a straight line. The Vikings would follow that line for it would inevitably lead to land. Those birds were pathfinders for the Vikings, leading them to safety when their technology posed difficult challenges. We chose to put one of those birds in our logo to represent that our goal is to be a pathfinder for our customers, helping them to find their way to their goals through the challenges and opportunities posed by changing technology.

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